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This page is dedicated to Senior contains deals and offers that are only available to Seniors or things that may be related to some Seniors.
If you are not a senior citizen now, hopefully you will be one one day...feel free to pass on this website to any senior that you know.
If you have some info that you would like to see on here-please email it to me at:

There are 2 other pages to look at:
Senior Deals-Medication and Medical Info

Senior Deals: Entertainment & Travel

Lets talk about SAMPLES:
I got this off a chat site: Go to and sign up for their newsletter. It comes in the mail monthly and they always send a rebate check along with it. Also get the phone number for the company that makes Ensure and ask your doctor to call and request a free case from his/her sales rep. If your doctor doesn't know his/her rep personally, give him the main phone # and when you call ask for customer service and then ask how to get in contact with the sales rep for where your doctor's office is located. The person that originally posted this, worked for an insurance company and they had a patient who needed a formula similar to Ensure but it wasn't covered on their policy. She called the sales rep for some advice and she OFFERED to ship a FREE case directly to the patient. Sales reps love giving doctors freebies as well as it helps to promote their product! And its worth a try.

Medication Information
Most health care insurance programs for seniors do not cover the cost of prescription drugs. The out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs, especially for those on a fixed income, can sometimes force a person to choose between buying food and buying the required medicine to stay alive. Congress is supposed to address this issue soon. I would urge you to write your senator or congressperson and let them know how you feel about this issue.

In 1998, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Americans spent $91 billion on prescription medications; the total is expected to reach $243 billion in 2008. Seniors account for 13 percent of the population but more than a third of all drug spending, and nearly one-third of them lack insurance coverage.

Patients Assistance Programs: The U.S. Government Medicare site provides information on programs that offer discounts or free medication to individuals in need, including information on prescription drug assistance programs, Medicare managed care plans, and Medigap plans that offer prescription drug coverage in your area.

Buying Prescription Drugs from Canadian Pharmacies
According to a recent Wall Street Journal article By Laura Johannes (January 18, 2001), "While politicians stand on their soapboxes and wail about high prescription-drug prices in the U.S., a growing number of Americans are quietly finding a solution. By logging onto three different Web sites owned and run by Canadian pharmacists and entrepreneurs, U.S. residents are saving 20% to 50%, and occasionally more, on prescription drugs, even after dispensing and shipping fees.

The Internet is a far more convenient alternative than the well-publicized bus trips to Canada organized for seniors last year by sympathetic legislators. Government controls in Canada help keep prices low. Customers ordering from Canada also enjoy a favorable exchange rate: about 66 U.S. cents per Canadian dollar Wednesday.

One catch: Ordering drugs from Canada to save money is technically illegal in the U.S., though authorities so far have mostly looked the other way. Under U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines, citizens can import up to three months of medicines for personal use -- but only if those medicines are not available in the U.S."

Here are the websites mentioned in the article. Order at your own risk.

Here is other Medication info that may interest you.

FREE GlaxoSmithKline Orange Card! If you are a Senior without public or private Rx Insurance, have a single income under $30,000 or a couple's income under $40,000 and need prescription medication, you might be able to save 20 to 40% off the usual price paid for your outpatient GSK medicines. Call 1-888-ORANGE-6 (1-888-672-6436) to see if you qualify for this FREE card or visit them online at for prescription drug coverage you need to live your life.
GlaxoSmithKline's Indigent Patient Programs
In developing its new indigent patient program, GlaxoSmithKline will continue the tradition of both previous companies to provide needed medicines to people who cannot afford product and who do not have access to government or private insurance prescription programs. 1-888-825-5249 Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 8:00pm ET
Novartis CareCard Prescription Drug Discounts
This card is for U.S. residents only.The Novartis CareCard is designed to make prescriptions more affordable for low-income elderly who lack drug coverage. If you are interested in receiving more information about the Novartis CareCard click the link below or call 1-866-974-CARE (2273).
Novartis CareCard


Many colleges and universities around the world offer senior citizens a "tuition waiver" -- meaning that your tuition for classes is free. The age to qualify for a tuition waiver is usually around 60 years or older. The space in a class may be subject to availability, with regular students being given first priority. You may or may not receive credit. Each program is different, so be sure to call the admissions department of your local university and inquire about their program for senior citizens. It's a great opportunity to develop your interests for little or no money. Plus it's a great chance to meet a whole new circle of friends.

Maybe I will be able to finish that degree by the time I am 70! Ha!

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Other info:
Best Places to Retire - Money Magazine. Search more than 500 towns based on housing costs, tax rates, crime statistics and much more.
Reverse Mortages - Top ten things to know if you're interested in a reverse mortgage. Reverse Mortgages are becoming popular in America. HUD's Reverse Mortgage is a federally-insured private loan, and it's a safe plan that can give older Americans greater financial security. Many Seniors use it to supplement social security, meet unexpected medical expenses, make home improvements, and more. You can receive free information from HUD about Reverse Mortgages by calling toll-free1-888-466-3487.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - HUD has created a special page for senior citizens. It contains information from all parts of HUD's web site.

Federal Rent Assistance - HUD funds several rental assistance programs:

  • Public housing is low-income housing, that is actually operated by your local housing authority
  • HUD's HOME program, provides grants to state and local governments which may use them to offer rental assistance.

Patient assistance