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Weekly Coupons
Want to check out the coupons that will be coming out in this Sundays paper??
click on the links below to view them

Smart Source


Proctor & Gamble

Grocery Stores
Austin Texas has some great grocery stores!
On this page, you will find links to local grocery stores so that you can look up sales and weekly ads right from your computer.
*If I am missing a link, please tell me.
The ads for Randalls and HEB come out in the Wednesday newspaper.
Both HEB and Albertsons have monthly savings ads in addition to the weekly ads.  Sometimes those ads have some extra goodies in them - it is usually worth it to pick one up when you are in the store.
Randalls Grocery Store
We are lucky that Randall's doubles coupons up to $.50 and triples coupons up to $.39!  A couple other things about the Randalls policy on double/triple coupons.  They will only double/triple the first of the same coupon - if you have two coupons for .50 off Colgate toothpaste (for example), they will double the first and the second will be at face value.  And they will double coupons even if they say 'do not double'
Be sure to check out their local weekly ads.

HEB-its a good store but they do not double or triple coupons...(boo).

Sun Harvest-they usually have great prices on produce. Its more like a health food store-but, dont let that scare you away!

Fiesta Mart sells ethnic and conventional groceries-I love this place. Its another good place for produce! They also lease Kiosks to Vendors that sell cell phones, jewelry, sno-cones (raspas) and all kinds of other things. If you have never been here-its a must to check out. Its on the corner of 38 1/2 St. and I-35.
**when you click on the link and get to the site, click on "viva fiesta" and that should bring up the will bring up an adobe file...(actually, it didnt come up for me-I think that they need to have someone re-write their software. But it may come up for you-good luck).

Whole Foods is a chain of health foods stores that started in Austin Texas. Its a really great store that offers natural and organic foods. They do take coupons, but do not double or triple...They also provide classes, events and sometimes massage therapy (oohhh yeah!). Whole Foods is committed to local communities by donating at least 5 percent of our profits each year to local charities and by compensating team members for hours spend serving local non-profit organizations. Pretty nice, huh?

Whole Foods Market

Albertsons is another chain of grocery stores in Austin Texas. Their main competition is HEB and Randalls. They do not double or triple coupons but if you are lucky once a year they put out their own coupon that you can use to double or triple a manufacturers coupon. (I wish that they would do that again soon!!).  Albertsons ads run Friday-Thursday.  They have been running some good 10/$10 items (or $1 each - you don't have to get 10). 


  Super S Foods is a grocery store in the surrounding towns outside of Austin,TX.

All other kinds of stores-and you can even shop ONLINE too!
Go on-line to and click on "Rebates & more" on the front page. It will bring up a page about the Easy Saver Catalog. Click on "This Month’s Easy Saver Catalog". It will have a URL something like this:
Notice at the end it says Rebate Period54 (or something close to that). Add one number (for example, if it's 54, change it to 55) and click again. If it is near the time for the new booklet to come out, it will display and you can print it out. You have to have adobe acrobat installed on your computer. If you don't, click here and download it.

Look up your Walgreen's Rebate History at this link.

To see the EasySaver Rebate on line, go to (got all this from RMC)  Who doesnt LOVE target!!    Eckerds!