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This page is full of Pet Deals that are currently available from online merchants....enjoy!
These are the companies featured on this page:
Congaree Veterinary Pharmacy, Riverside Vet. Clinic, Petco, PetSmart, Pet Care Rx, National Pet Pharmacy, PetFoodDirect, AllPets
Visit the other shopping deal pages too. They are divided up by category.

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Casinos & Gambling PacificPoker, CasinoOnNet,SportBetUSA


If we are to have pets, its our responsibility to make sure that they are happy and healthy at all times.
Here is a pic of Reina my 11 year old Poodle. She has Addissons Disease and is on daily meds. Becuase of the meds that she takes and the care of a wonderful vet, she is healthy & happy.
If your pet is needing prescription medication, I would like to recommend the following Vet Pharmacy:
Congaree Veterinary Pharmacy
Terry Fiffick, R.Ph.
Compounding Pharmacist
1309-B State Street
Cayce, SC 29033
Phone: 803-939-1335
Fax: 803-939-0073
Toll Free: 1-877-939-1335
website address:
*Congaree is the cheapest Vet Pharmacy that I have ever found (trust me when I say that I have done all the looking and searching too) and Terry is great about getting the meds shipped to us quickly. Check it out and feel free to tell him that Rochelle Hamby in Austin Texas referred you (he is a super nice guy).
They do not have any idea that I am giving them this little plug...but, if you need a really good, caring and reasonably priced vet.
HIGHLY recommend Riverside Vet. Clinic here in Austin Texas (On Riverside Drive-just about 2 or 3 blocks east of I35).
Their # is 512/444-3111
*Dr. Meyers is the doc (he is awesome) and his son Rob Meyers is his assistant. They are a great bunch of caring folks and I have known Rob for a VERY long time and they have really helped me to keep Reina happy and healthy all these years.
Everytime Reina has a little "episode" and gets a bit sick, they are wonderful in knowing just what to do to make it an easy recovery for her and easy for us too (and they are pretty reasonably priced).
Tell them Rochelle said "HI" (Reina does too).

Now on to all the other fun pet stuff....
 PetCareRX (updated 10/11)
Banner 10000052 
Advantage Flea Killer for Dogs 4 month supply starting at: $34.99
FRONTLINE PLUS 6 month supply starting at: $61.99
Shed No More for Dogs! $19.95 120 Chewables Tabs
SnooZZy Pet Beds From $11.99 to $48.99
Advantage Flea Killer for Cats $35.99 to $53.99
FRONTLINE PLUS for Cats $31.99 to $77.99
Heartgard For Cats $22.99 to $25.99 Covered Litter Box $15.75
Automatic Waterer $5.30 to $9.75
Dingo BoneIf you have never given your dog a DINGO BONE-I promise you that you dog will not only LOVE it, but be addicted to it (plus, it keeps your furry one busy for quite a while). A friend of ours took care of Reina when we were out of town and got her hooked on these things.  They vary in price from $2.10 - $4.58 depending on what size you buy!
*you will find these in the "under $5" link (on the left hand side of the page) and they are on page 2.

National Pet Pharmacy (updated 10/10)

TropiClean Easy Clean Shampoo $2.99 (Reg $9.99)
Dr. Seuss "The Cat In The Hat" Hat Tug for Dogs $4.99 (Reg. $9.49)
Spray Brush Grooming Spray + Pet Brush in 1 $0.99 (Reg. $6.99)
Super Bucket Seat Protector / Cover (Hunter Green) $19.99 (Reg. $49.99)
Ruff Rider's Roadie Multi-Use Safety Harness $15.99 (Reg. $29.99)
13% off your order National Pet Pharmacy Coupon: NPP744
*excludes Prescription items, Free Shipping items, gift certificates, and magazines. exp 10/13
13% off your order National Pet Pharmacy Store Coupon: NPP745 exp 10/13


Save up to 70% at the PetFoodDirect Red Tag Store
Pet Food Direct
HOT! Purina ONE 30-Day Performance Challenge Cat or Dog Kit $11.99 (Reg. $49.99) Includes Dog or Cat Food, toothbrush, grooming brush, treat ball, toys, litter scooper or dog collar and leash,  tape measure, pet care cd. Search for Challenge
Click 70% off sale!
Petronics Rechargeable Standard Outdoor Pet Fence Kit $135.99 (Reg. $219.99) Covers up to 35 acres
Pet Bed $29.99 (Reg. $45.99)
Dog Apparel: Traditional Dog Plaid Blanket Coat $14.99
Pet Wrought Iron Sleigh Bed "Rex" $149.99
*Note: Discounts and coupons are not valid on products in the Free Shipping department
20% off all pet foods, pet supplies, and pet accessories with your Visa Credit Card and Pet Food Direct Coupon Code: VISAPET20 exp 10/31
20% off your order Pet Food Direct Coupon: ORDSC97 exp 10/17
11% off your order Pet Food Direct Coupon: PER31 exp 10/31
11% off your order Pet food direct Coupon Code: PER30 exp 10/31


Save 10-30%

Get Free Shipping on all orders of $50 or more at Allpets.

Allpet's Weekly Specials

Pet Store: Discount Pet supplies, pet products, pet toys, pet carriers, pet Beds
discount Drum Fish Bowl $3.26 Item - 590802 402
Electric Dog fence kit $37.72 (Reg. $67.56) Item -E1300750
Harley Davidson Orange Plush dog Bone $2.46 (Reg. $6.99) Item - 311653
Compressed porkchop-4.5" $.63 (Reg. $1.75) Item -130711
Safegard Dog Life Jacket $8.12 (Reg. $13.73) Item -330303 2S
2 Pack Tennis Balls $.50 Item - 311335
Pet Rain Wear $4.99 (Reg. $8.99) Item - 011037 1SX

PetSmart (updated 10/10) Specials

SAVE up to 75% at's Clearance Center!


Devil Horns Headpiece with Glitter
Devil Horns Headpiece with Glitter

Your dog will look delightfully devilish wearing these sparkling Devil Horns. Made exlusively for PETsMART.


PetCo (updated 10/10)

Banner 10000068

Pet Clothing, Discount Pet Supplies
Petco pet ClothingDickens Pet Clothing Fleece Boots Starting at: $5.99
Pet Clothing Four-Color Fleece Jackets Starting at: $14.99
Dickens Closet Hooded Sweatshirts for Pets Starting at: $14.99
Crew Neck Dog Sweatshirts starting at $9.99
Party Time Dog Sweater Starting at: $14.99
Pullover Dog Sweater Starting at: $9.99

15% off $40+ Petco Coupon Code: BM1ZY44N exp 10/18

Banner 10000068

Taking care of your petīs health couldn't be easier with the PetCare Pet Insurance Programs special offer. Protect your pet from accidents or illnesses with QuickCare First and PETCO will pay your first month of coverage. After that you pay only $10.75 each month!

QuickCare First Program Coverage Details
Coverage Coverage Amount

First Time Illness *
For any first-time illness your pet incurs and needs treatment
$ 500

Foreign Body Ingestion
If your pet ingests a foreign body and needs to have it removed.
$ 1,000

Motor Vehicle Accident
Should your pet be involved in any form of a motor vehicle accident.
$ 1,000

Bone Fractures
Should your pet suffer a fracture (not caused by a motor vehicle accident) which requires medical treatment.
$ 1,000

Poison Ingestion
Should your pet ingest a poisonous substance and require medical treatment.
$ 1,000

Should your pet require medical treatment for an accidental laceration such as cut pads or dog/cat bites and abscesses.
$ 1,000

Should your pet suffer burns which require medical treatment.
$ 1,000

Allergic Reaction to Insect Bites
Should your pet be bitten or stung by an insect and suffer an allergic reaction which requires medical treatment.
$ 1,000

Accidental Death
If your pet should die from injuries as a result of an untreated accident, we will reimburse the original purchase price of your pet.
$ 1,000
(no deductible)